5 Things To Know Before Creating Your Own Product

Creating a new product from an idea you have had could be quite an unnerving journey to set out on. Many of us don’t go around inventing useful items, getting them mass produced and then selling them. In fact, you might not have a clue about the process of product production and the steps involved. And sometimes, not understanding the process might be enough to scare you away before you’ve even tried.

So, here is a list of 5 things you should know before creating your own product which should help you understand the process of creating and producing your own product.


  1. It is not a quick process

The process from initial idea through to mass product production is not a quick process. It will likely take several months and possibly even longer. This will depend on many things, such as prototyping your product, finding the right manufacturer, and investors. Be prepared for the process to take time, but understand that that’s okay.


  1. You need to have belief


The process is long and there will be many questions thrown at you about your product (and that’s fine), so you need to have belief in your product. You need to believe in your product to such an extent that you will keep going even if the process is taking longer than you had hoped.

Your belief in the product needs to be founded, however, and this is best done with thorough market research and prototyping.  If there is no need for your product, it may not be worth your belief and your time (and money).


  1. Research

As mentioned above, you need to commit substantial time and energy into research.  You must understand if there is need for your product – does it solve a problem, or provide a solution? To have a successful product you must introduce it to a market with a want, like or need – if you don’t, there’s a higher risk losing money. If the product is too niche you may struggle to sell it.

You must also understand your competition. Does the product already exist or have you developed something completely new. If you are re-working a product which already exists, but you feel your design is better; more ergonomic, or user-friendly? In this case you must test your product to make sure that it really is better than those that already exist, and for this you must prototype.


  1. Make it, then test it, then test it again

This is called prototyping and your product must go through this stage to ensure that it will work, that it will work in the material you envisage it being made out of, and that it will be commercially viable.

You must also use your prototype to test that people can use it, for example, that it’s intuitive and that it doesn’t break easily. You can also use a prototype to secure investors and find people willing to sell your item. 

There may well be several prototype iterations of your product as it develops and is tested – this is fine and normal.


  1. Choosing the right manufacturer


You may have already done this while finding someone to design and prototype your product. However, if you haven’t, you will need to consider where you are going to have your product developed, either in the UK or overseas. There are pros and cons for both, and it ultimately comes down to what’s best for you and you product.

There are manufacturers, like MRT Castings, who like to provide the entire solution to you, from assisting with design and making the prototypes, to mass production of the final product. However, you need to find the right factory for your product. Some factories will work with plastics, others metal.  You need to understand a factory’s capabilities before choosing them as your manufacturer.


There are many other things to know and consider before creating your own product such as cost, investors, loans (how will you get the money to produce the initial run of products?), finding somewhere to sell your product (a shop or online, your own or someone else’s website or business), producing a marketing plan… The list is long. However, if you have done adequate market research and you believe your product will solve a problem, you should embark on this journey, because you never know, your product might end up changing the world.

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