What are the Mechanical Properties of Cast Aluminium?

For OEMs, selecting the right material for individual components is key to the design of a successful product.

Due to its appealing combination of cost-effectiveness and versatility, aluminium stands out as a preferred choice for a wealth of casting projects. However, to fully appreciate the benefits of cast aluminium, it’s vital to understand its mechanical properties and how this impacts its final application.

So, let’s take a closer look…

Lightweight and High Strength

One of the most appealing mechanical properties of cast aluminium is its outstanding strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminium is inherently light, making it an excellent choice for applications where reducing weight is crucial - such as automotive and aerospace parts.

Despite its lightweight nature, aluminium alloys used in casting can be incredibly strong, particularly when treated or alloyed with other metals. This combination allows for the production of parts that contribute to energy efficiency, as well as performance improvements, in end products.

Durability and Longeviy

Cast aluminium demonstrates excellent durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Its corrosion resistance is particularly noteworthy, making it suitable for use in harsh environments or where exposure to moisture is a concern. This benefit is enhanced through various surface treatments and coatings, extending the life span of aluminium cast parts and reducing maintenance requirements for OEM products.

Thermal and Electrical Conductivity

Aluminium is known for its superior thermal conductivity, which is advantageous in applications requiring efficient heat dissipation - such as heat sinks and cooling systems in electronics.

Its electrical conductivity, while not as high as that of copper, is still significant and useful in electrical applications where weight is a critical factor. These properties make cast aluminium an excellent choice for components in the electrical and electronics industries.

Malleability and Casting Precision

The malleability of aluminium makes it an ideal candidate for die casting processes.

MRT Castings leverages advanced die casting techniques to achieve high precision and complex geometries in aluminium parts. This characteristic ensures that even the most intricate designs can be realised, without compromising on strength or functionality.

The ability to achieve tight tolerances and high precision makes cast aluminium components preferred in industries where accuracy is crucial, such as in medical devices and precision instruments.


Considering its mechanical properties and the efficiency of the die casting process, cast aluminium is a cost-effective option for manufacturing high-quality parts.

The process allows for high production rates, minimal waste, and the ability to produce parts that require little to no machining after casting. This efficiency translates to cost savings for OEMs, making cast aluminium an economically attractive option for both large-scale and specialist component production.

Environmental Sustainability

Aluminium is highly recyclable, and its casting process can incorporate recycled materials without degradation of its mechanical properties. This aspect is increasingly important for OEMs committed to sustainability and looking to reduce their environmental footprint. Choosing cast aluminium not only meets technical and performance criteria but also aligns with eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

Customisation and Versatility

The versatility of aluminium casting allows for a wide range of mechanical properties through the selection of specific alloys and treatment processes. Whether the priority is enhanced strength, improved wear resistance, or greater corrosion resistance, there is an aluminium alloy and casting method suited to the application.

MRT Castings works closely with OEMs to select the optimal alloy and casting process to meet the specific requirements of their projects.

For OEMs in search of a material that offers an optimal blend of weight, strength, durability and cost-effectiveness, cast aluminium is an unparalleled choice.

MRT Castings specialises in providing high-quality aluminium die casting services, leveraging the material's mechanical properties to produce components that meet the exacting demands of diverse industries.

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