What Is The Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting Process?

If you need a need a complex aluminium casting which is lightweight and also has a good finish, high pressure die casting is an excellent choice.

Compared to other methods, this process also benefits from being extremely quick and cost-effective, thanks to durable moulds which allow for mass-production of components.

Let us explain precisely how this works.

In the aluminium high pressure die casting process, molten alloy is injected at high speed and high pressure into a mould.

It’s then held in place by hydraulic pressure until the metal solidifies. The die is then released and opened, revealing the casting.

Once the solidified metal is removed from the die, the mould cavity is resealed for the next cycle.

Injecting molten metal into the mould cavity takes only a fraction of a second, while the hydraulic pressure applied is often over 1000 bar. This is known as ‘intensification’.

The pressure of intensification pushes out any gases trapped in the metal, while simultaneously feeding more metal into the mould. The additional metal helps to counteract any shrinkage while solidification takes place.

A cold chamber system is used for metals with a low melting point, such as aluminium.

A cold chamber system uses higher pressure than its hot chamber equivalent (which would be used for metals with a high melting point, such as zinc).

Molten metal is poured into an opening, which leads to the channel feeding the cold chamber. In advanced facilities such as MRT’s, this is actioned by an automatic process – but some factories may do this manually.

A piston which is hydraulically activated then moves down the channel, pushing the metal into the mould at high speed and pressure.

Following solidification, the piston is pulled back so the mould can be opened. The flow is then expelled, and the cold chamber system is ready for its next cycle.

Why use MRT Castings for your aluminium pressure die casting needs?

Many pressure die casting foundries only offer their services for high volume orders, claiming that lengthy set-ups make the process prohibitive to small quantities.

Not us!

Here at MRT, we have optimised our tooling preparation and set-up operations to make the process more accessible to customers who only require small batches.

Similarly, we have over 70 years’ experience to pass on to you, allowing us to create bespoke solutions around your individual needs – be it an order of 10 components, or 10,000.

Please contact us today and discover how we can assist with your next project.

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