When to Begin Talking to Manufacturers About Your Invention

Different inventions and different components will inevitably need to be manufactured in different ways, using different materials.

In other words, there’s no single manufacturing solution for all things.

Nor is there a specific point during the process of designing your invention to get in touch with a manufacturer. 

when should you begin your conversation with manufactures about your invention?

Although there is no right, or wrong, time to begin talking to your chosen manufacturers, you should have ideally completed some idea validation and conducted serious research.

After you have validated your idea then it’s time to begin seeking out potential manufacturers to begin the conversation about manufacture.

Finding a manufacturer might seem a bit daunting, after all, here you must effectively hand control of the product over to someone else, so it’s important to find a manufacturer you can trust. 

You will need to find a manufacturer who will understand what you are trying to achieve and can offer suggestions to help you. You will also need to use your manufacturer to produce prototypes of the products, for further validation. This will also allow you to evaluate your manufacturer’s work and assess the quality.

Firstly, you will need to make a few decisions:

  • What materials do you think your product or invention should be made from?
  • Are you going to have your invention manufactured in the UK or overseas?

Deciding what material you think your product should be made from will inform the type of manufacturer you will need to source. At MRT, we are aluminium and zinc casting specialists, we also offer CNC machining, heat treating, finishing and assembly services.

Deciding to choose a manufacturer in the UK or overseas will help to inform where you begin looking for your manufacturer.

Source them Early

Some manufacturers, such as MRT, are happy to be involved fairly early on in the process, in fact they may prefer it. Even if you do not yet have any 3D designs or specifications, MRT are happy to work with your technical, or design team collaboratively, to get the very best out of your product idea and establish the most suitable materials to use for manufacture. However, you may find that other manufacturers want full 3D designs and specifications in advance. 

By sourcing your manufacturer early in the design process, you will be able to ensure they have the correct factory capabilities for your invention, and they will be able to suggest the most profitable ways to manufacture the product.

Where’s the Best Place to Find a Manufacturer?

Google is a great place to start your research. As you dive deeper into the world of manufacturing you may find you receive referrals and recommendations of manufacturers who are more suited to working with you to develop your product, but in the early stages, use Google, and pick up the phone to speak to the manufacturers you think are best suited to helping you realise your invention. 

For more information on getting your product idea realised, download our complete, free guide From Idea to Product.

Alternatively, if you have an idea for a product and you want to begin the conversation with a UK based manufacturer, get in touch with MRT Castings. We are aluminium and zinc casting specialists, offering services in CNC machining, heat treating, finishing and assembly services.

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