Can A New Die Casting Supplier Use Existing Tooling?

If you’re being let down by your current die casting manufacturer, you might – quite rightly – want to jump ship and find a new supplier that meets your expectations. 

After all, nobody needs to be subjected to costly let-downs like poor quality parts, delayed shipments, and project mismanagement. 

However, many OEMs still hesitate over the decision to switch, even when the incumbent supplier is causing commercial concerns. 

What Is Tooling For Die Casting?

When it comes to changing manufacturers, tooling is often a worry. After all, it’s usually a big investment at the start of a project – and tools can’t be transferred from one project to another without adaption. With this in mind, some may be left to wonder if the costs involved with a changeover are worthwhile.

At MRT Castings, we know that tooling should never hold you back from leaving a poor supplier. That’s why we make it as easy as possible to complete the process.

Tooling for die casting is usually the diecasting mould tool which is used to facilitate the casting process, plus any accompanying press trimming tools and machining fixtures.

Good quality tooling systems are designed by professionals, manufactured from high specification materials, and must be engineered around each specific product, as every part has its own requirements for functionality, durability and cost management.

Well-engineered tooling will ensure accuracy, repeatability and smooth operation during high-volume production runs.

But what happens when you want to switch suppliers? Will this highly specialised process of toolmaking need to start from scratch again?

Not necessarily, when you work with MRT Castings.

MRT are experts in assessing and adapting tooling manufactured by other foundries.


If we can undertake an inspection of your existing tools, we can deliver a transparent assessment of what will be required to adapt them to fit our machines and processes.

The experienced team at MRT have been designing, manufacturing and running die casting tooling for over 75 years, and have all the knowledge required to get you back into production as quickly and economically as possible.

Our work is underpinned by the latest Solidworks CAD and Magmasoft casting simulation technology, as well as being equipped with an in-house tool room for the manufacture of machining fixtures and tooling modifications. This means that we can also repair tools on site, if required – preventing maintenance delays once production starts.

When new tools are required, we use a trusted network of specialist sub-contract toolmakers in the UK and Europe. This doesn’t create any additional project management for our customers – the MRT team takes full responsibility for design, project management and sampling, to ensure the highest quality.

If you’re not satisfied with your existing supplier, don’t let concerns about tooling hold you back. We can advise on a stress-free route to manufacture, using our trusted and award-winning team of industry experts.

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