Die Casting vs. CNC Machining (Video)

7th Dec 2021

In modern manufacturing die casting is often preferred to CNC machining. This video explains why...

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Surface Finishing Options For Your Casting

17th Nov 2021

After carefully planning the design of your casting, you’ll be confident that it’s mechanically sound. But what about...

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Designing Castings to Include Machining Allowances

15th Nov 2021

What are machining allowances and why do we need them in the casting process?

Some features and faces of your casting...

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Choosing a Casting Alloy

13th Nov 2021

So, you’ve chosen a casting method and you’re ready to take the next step.

Choosing the perfect alloy to suit your...

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Choosing A Casting Process

10th Nov 2021

If you’re designing a non-ferrous casting, there’s plenty to consider – and the first steps are amongst the most...

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Environmental Benefits of Aluminium

23rd Jul 2021

The manufacturing sector is looking to clean up its act.

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Pressure Die Casting vs Gravity Die Casting

30th Apr 2021

­­­At its most basic level, die casting is a process where non-ferrous molten metal (such as aluminium or zinc) is...

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Gravity Die Casting Process & Advantages

3rd Mar 2021

If you need to make a component with complex parts, gravity die casting is often the chosen process. Frequently seen in...

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What Is The Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting Process?

15th Feb 2021

If you need a need a complex aluminium casting which is lightweight and also has a good finish, high pressure die...

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