How To Compare Aluminium Alloys For Casting

28th May 2020

When using a casting process to create a new part or product, it’s not just the method of casting that you need to...

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How to Protect Your Invention Idea

13th Jul 2018

We are talking about intellectual property protection. Copyrights, patents, designs and trademarks are different types...

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How to Tell if your Product is Worth Pursuing

9th Jul 2018

You have a great idea for a new product. You want to mass produce it and sell it to the world. But, how do you really...

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How to Fund a New Product Idea

25th Jun 2018

It’s a common stumbling block for any enthusiastic entrepreneur. You’ve got a great idea for a new product, device or...

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When to Begin Talking to Manufacturers About Your Invention

18th Jun 2018

Different inventions and different components will inevitably need to be manufactured in different ways, using...

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How to choose the right manufacturing process

17th Apr 2018

Choosing the right manufacturing process for your newly fledged product can be a difficult task. There are so many...

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5 Things To Know Before Creating Your Own Product

12th Apr 2018

Creating a new product from an idea you have had could be quite an unnerving journey to set out on. Many of us don’t go...

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From Idea To Product

19th Mar 2018

So, you have an idea.

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Why Is Prototyping Important?

12th Mar 2018

You’re probably already aware of prototyping as a part of manufacturing. You might even know how to go about doing it...

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