Why Is Prototyping Important?

12th Mar 2018

You’re probably already aware of prototyping as a part of manufacturing. You might even know how to go about doing it...

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How to Validate a Product Idea

12th Mar 2018

If you have an idea for a product, then the most important thing that you can do before going any further is to...

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How To Get Your Product Manufactured

6th Mar 2018

Getting your product manufactured is one of the trickier parts in the journey of getting your idea to market. You can...

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Do Metal Castings Need Heat Treating?

24th Jul 2017

Metal casting is an incredibly versatile and flexible process that can be used for a huge range of applications. At...

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7 Things To Consider When Designing Your Product

20th Jul 2017

So you’ve had an idea for a product or been given the specification. The idea has been proven, prototyped and tested...

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Sprues, Flash and Runners Explained

17th Jul 2017

There’s very rarely such a thing as a finished casting that comes straight from the mould. There’s always some amount...

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What Happens To Left Over Metal In Our Processes?

14th Jul 2017

The casting and foundry industries are not renowned for their environmental responsibility. If you were to imagine a...

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How Complicated Can A Metal Casting Be?

11th Jul 2017

When designing anything for manufacture, it can be difficult to know whether your vision falls within the realms of...

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Metal Alloys Explained

6th Jul 2017

There are a little over 90 naturally occurring elements found on our planet and the vast majority of these are native...

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